Abdominal Workouts

Want to get a flat belly or even six pack abs? Then check out this guide to getting the best abdominal workout and just what exercises will help get the results you’re after.

Most people will at some stage in their lives consider some form of abdominal workouts, it may be because they just want to lose belly fat and have a flatter stomach or go further and get well defined, ripped, six pack abs. When considering abdominal workouts it’s important to decide what your ultimate goal is before starting the exercise program. The basic exercises may seem similar, but how your stomach exercise program is put together will have a big effect on the end result.

In our workout reviews section you’ll find some of the best stomach and abs workouts available, and all with easy to follow instructions to help you get some fast results.

Basically if your aim is to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach, then your stomach exercises will be less intensive and targeted towards burning belly fat and toning your stomach to be flat. If you want the real deal, six pack abs, then your abdominal workouts will be more intensive, and varied to work some of the smaller less well known muscle groups.

One key factor for the six pack abs look that is often forgotten is that you can only achieve this if you lose a lot of the belly fat that covers the muscle, so diet and nutrition is also important.

There are a number of muscles in the stomach and mid section area, the one most people want to improve is the rectus abdominis which runs from your pubic bone up to just under your ribs. This is the muscle that when well defined gives you the ripped, six pack abs look.

There are other important muscles that also need to be taken into account in your abdominal workouts such as the transversus abdominis,this runs horizontally around your torso underneath the rectus abdominis muscle and helps with core strength and good posture. There are also the internal and external obliques that are on your sides, and it is very important that these are included in your stomach workout routine to ensure that you achieve a strong balanced form.

Abdominal workouts can be completed effectively both at home and in the gym, the most common exercises include sit ups, also known as crunches, but there are numerous variations which target the different muscle groups. Most workout programs will have a good variation of abdominal exercises.

To perform the basic sit up or crunch, you lie flat on your back, rest your feet on the floor and raise your knees to a 90 degree angle, put your hands crossed on the chest or preferably on the sides of your head and then slowly but steadily sit up until your elbows touch your knees. You should exhale as you sit up and contract your stomach muscle at the top of the sit up, then slowly but steadily lower yourself back to the floor and then repeat.

The technique when performing stomach exercises is very important, you must ensure you are working your abdominal muscles, and not lifting your legs or even worse, pulling on your head with your hands, this can lead to neck injury.

When you first start abdominal workouts, you may need to put your feet under a chair, or get someone to hold them until you are strong enough to do the sit ups or crunches without assistance, it doesn’t usually take long.

The basic crunch is good for the upper abs, there is also the reverse crunch for the lower abs, and the twist crunch for working the obliques.

If you want great six pack abs or to lose belly fat then it’s important when considering abdominal workouts to get professional guidance on a good exercise program to give you the best chance of achieving your desired results. So don’t forget to check out the reviews section to find some of the best stomach and abs workouts currently available.

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