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After checking out literally hundreds of different workouts these are the ones that I consider to be some of the best available, there is no rubbish in here!

All are well established having thousands of satisfied customers already using them. The fitness programs reviewed here include a selection covering general fitness, strength, muscle building, bodybuilding, weight and fat loss.

Each tends to focus on at least one area more than others, so you can just check out the reviews below and get a better idea of which one you think is the most suitable for your needs.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Review

no nonsense muscle building

Reviewer: Mike Thompson
Our Rating: 5 star rating
Great For: Muscle Building & Fat Loss

Having sections for both men and women, no nonsense muscle building is a complete and comprehensive workout program. You can adjust the routines to get the type of results you desire, although it is especially designed for getting a rock solid, fully ripped, hard body and stripping fat. It is great for building muscle AND gaining weight if necessary, but can also help develop a less extreme, well toned look.

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no nonsense muscle building pack On the website it mentions that Vince Delmonte, the author of the program, achieved first place in a Canadian fitness model championship in Windsor, Ontario, in Dec 05, and is now showing techniques he used to achieve this as part of the no nonsense muscle building program.
There is a huge amount included in the program covering beginner to advanced and diet, nutrition,dvd and audio are all there to help you succeed.

This really is a great package for anyone looking to improve their physique and I strongly recommend you to go and check it out, definitely one of the best workouts available.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building Full Review

Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

Our Rating: 5 star rating
Great For: Hardgainers/Muscle Building

muscle gaining secretsThis is a great muscle building program by Jason Ferruggia. Muscle gaining secrets was designed to help the “skinny guy” gain muscle fast but using different techniques to those of traditional pro bodybuilders. Jason Ferruggia, is a renowned strength and conditioning coach, also involved as a trainer, lecturer and consultant.


muscle gaining secretsOn the web site Jason admits that he used to struggle to gain muscle when younger and before starting to use the techniques included in muscle gaining secrets.

Pro bodybuilding methods are not the most suitable for most people. The training involved can be overwhelming and difficult to fit into your daily routine.

They start by listing five of the most common mistakes people can make when wanting to build muscles.

Overall a great muscle gaining program, you can find out more by visiting the site and seeing the results people have already achieved.

Strongly recommended as one of the best workouts for muscle building.

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Muscle Gain Truth Review

Our Rating: 5 star rating
Great For: Bodybuilding/Muscle Gain
muscle gain truth
A muscle building workout program by Sean Nalewanyj, muscle gain truth extends on his previous work popular in 2007 “the truth about building muscle”. Sean is a natural bodybuilder and shows how to build muscle fast, and lose fat. The overall aim of this program is to get a more muscular, fitter and toned body, while helping to build confidence.

sean nalewanyjDesigned to be a “no-fail” system it starts with the popular “the truth about building muscle” book. This contains over 260 pages of easy to understand information on how to go about sculpting your perfect body.

Covering many topics including muscle building, weight training, strength training, diet, fitness, recovery and supplementation.

The program then moves on with a large number of additional modules to help give you the best chance of success.

Highly recommended as one of the best workouts for bodybuilding.


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The Truth about Six Pack Abs Review

Our Rating: 5 star rating
Great For:  Fat Loss, Nutrition (General as well as ABS)

truth about abs ebookThe truth about six pack abs is one of the best workouts currently available for developing a lean and cut body, and particularly the much sought after six pack abs.

Truth about abs is much more than just an abs workout though. It is a full body workout routine with sections for both men and women. Designed to help maximise your body’s metabolic response to your workout routine, it helps to strip the fat that covers the well defined muscles.

truth about abs bannerThere is a lot included in the truth about six pack abs workout system, which is by certified fitness coach and nutrition specialist, Mike Geary.

Specialities are stated as functional strength and power training, and body fat reduction strategies.

It is a very popular exercise and fitness program with thousands of copies sold in over 150 countries.


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Turbulence Training Review

Our Rating: 5 star rating
Great For: Fat Loss/Muscle Gain

turbulence training This workout program is designed to help you build muscle, burn excess fat and get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Turbulence training is a system based around short burst exercises, weight training and only minimal cardio. By Craig Ballantyne, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, it includes separate sections for both men and women.

turbulence training for women


The workouts are suitable to be done in the home. Fit your workout sessions into your busy schedule at a time that suites you. On their web site, turbulence training claims to be “the most used fat burning program in the world for men right now”.

Highly recommended as one of our best workouts for developing a muscular, shredded look.


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Burn the Fat Review

Our Rating: 5 star rating
burn the fat ebookGreat For: Fat Loss/Muscle Gain

A fat burning diet by bodybuilder Tom Venuto, he has been competing for around 18 years and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

The author of this diet, known also as burn the fat feed the muscle, has nearly 20 years in the fitness industry including as a personal coach, a health club manager, nutritionist, motivation coach and freelance writer.

burn the fat banner


The diet targets weight loss, or more specifically fat loss and is aimed at people with all manner of fat loss requirements.

Revealing “nutrition secrets” used by competitive bodybuilders and fitness models it shows how to lose fat permanently, without wrecking your metabolism or the use of drugs and supplements.

This could be suitable for many different fat loss needs, both at home and in many different sports, definitely one of the best workouts for fat loss.


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