Bicep Workouts

Looking to build bigger and stronger biceps? Then learn about how to choose the best bicep workouts and include the right exercises into your routine to help get the fastest results.

Bicep workouts come in many different forms and can be done at home or in the gym, so before you start exercising it’s important to decide what your ultimate aim is. Your goal may be to achieve the classic bodybuilders huge bulging biceps, or the bicep workout routine you choose may be to get better defined, muscular arms without getting too huge, whilst still improving strength and fitness.

This will ultimately decide the type of bicep workouts you choose and most good workout programs will have a variety of  bicep exercises  included to help achieve the best results. We’ve reviewed some of the best workouts for you to take a look at in our workout reviews section.

Most people know that the main muscle at the top, front of their arms is the biceps, or biceps brachii. Its main purpose is flexing the arm at the elbow, and this is why most arm exercises for the biceps involve performing curls, of which there are various types. Fewer people realise that there is another muscle called the brachialis which is in the same area as the biceps, but towards the outer arm. It’s important when considering which bicep exercises are in your bicep workouts that they also exercise the brachialis, to give the best defined shape to your arms.

Another factor to consider is that muscles usually work in opposing pairs, and in this case the triceps which is at the back of the arm, should also be included in your bicep workouts routine to ensure that you maintain a good balanced shape.

As previously mentioned there are a number of different biceps exercises, the most common are barbell curls and dumbbell curls where you basically curl the weighted bar or dumbbells up towards your chest, and then slowly lower them back down, and then repeat.

However, to be effective it’s important that the correct technique is applied to any exercises you perform in your bicep workouts. The best workouts will always show you how to perform exercises correctly. Poor technique is why most people never achieve the results they want. With curls it’s important to maintain the correct posture so that you’re maximising the work done by your arms. This means that if standing, you need to keep your back straight and avoid any swinging motion, so the work is done mainly by the arms.

It’s also important during bicep workouts to have the correct breathing technique, and exhale as you curl your arms towards your chest. The other mistake particularly for improving strength and muscle mass is not to make jerky movements, raise and lower the weights slowly and steadily, sometimes a pause is even added when lowering the bar.

Other bicep workouts include hammer curls, where you hold the dumbbells in a different way. This time with palms facing inwards, and then raise and lower as before. This helps work a slightly different area of the biceps and arm. Another extremely effective exercise to include in bicep workouts is known as the preacher curl. It’s similar to the standing curl, but when you sit on a preacher curl bench it focuses the bicep workouts more onto your arms, and biceps, by preventing as much accidental use of other muscle groups.

As with any bodybuilding, strength or fitness training, it’s vitally important that your bicep workouts are correctly balanced, and that you know how to perform your chosen exercise for the correct number of reps and sets. You must also know how to complete the exercises correctly and safely.

If you’re serious about building those huge biceps, or getting stronger more defined muscular arms, then you’ll need proper guidance and a professional workout routine to help get the best results so you might want to check out our best workout reviews section to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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