Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review

System Reviewed: Burn The Fat

burn the fatBurn the fat, also sometimes called burn the fat feed the muscle is a fat burning diet by Tom Venuto.

According to the burn the fat website Tom Venuto has been involved in bodybuilding for 24 years and been competing for around 18 years. A certified strength and conditioning specialist. Also having been involved in the fitness industry as a personal coach, a health club manager, nutritionist, motivation coach and freelance writer for nearly 20 years.

The burn the fat diet aims to target fat loss, and is suitable for various people. Weight loss, or more specifically fat loss may seem a strange thing to consider if you’re thinking about bodybuilding or fitness. However, you must remember that if you’re bodybuilding or muscle building then it’s no good hiding your newly developed muscles under too much fat, the same applies to fitness models.

The diet claims to reveal “nutrition secrets” used by fitness models and competitive bodybuilders, and how to lose fat permanently, without the use of drugs or supplements or wrecking your metabolism.

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tom venutoWhen people think about fat loss they sometimes just simply think about eating less. If they eat too little their metabolism may slow down which doesn’t help weight loss as the body may burn less calories. With any diet, it is important to have the correct balance of calories, food types and exercise. Most people don’t want to lose muscle, just lose fat.

At over 300 pages, burn the fat, is a really comprehensive diet and nutrition guide. It gives details on the best and worst foods to include in your diet, why over 90% of diets fail and how to break through your “fat loss plateau”. You know, you lose a bit of fat then all of a sudden the fat loss seems to stop and becomes almost impossible to lose any more.

Also included is guidance on how to crank up your metabolism to lose fat faster, and not diet below your “critical level” which can actually lower your metabolism and result in less fat loss.

So what do you get when you sign up to burn the fat feed the muscle?

Well, as well as the vast amount of information contained in the burn the fat diet, there are sometimes free bonuses available.

Below is a list of some available recently, (although you’ll need to check their site for any currently available)

• Foods that burn fat ebook.
• Foods that turn to fat ebook.
• The A food B food lecture.
• Free updates to burn the fat, feed the muscle ebook.
• Free subscription to burn the fat, feed the muscle clients only newsletter and weekly fat loss tips E-Zine.

There is also an eight week unconditional money back guarantee.

All in all, a very good package and great value for money.

As mentioned earlier, the burn the fat, feed the muscle diet is aimed not just for weight loss. It is more specifically targeted to fat loss, which means it is particularly suitable for those wanting to improve their overall physique.

If you really want to build defined muscles and minimize fat then it’s perhaps time to stop just reading about it and take action…

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