Muscle Gain Truth Review

System Reviewed: Muscle Gain Truth

muscle gain truthMuscle gain truth is a muscle building workout program by Sean Nalewanyj, his previous book “the truth about building muscle” was very popular during 2007.

Sean is a natural bodybuilder and in the muscle gain truth program shows how to build muscle and lose fat, the aim being to get a more muscular, fitter, toned body, and help build confidence.

Sean Nalewanyj

sean nalewanyjIn muscle gain truth they claim to have developed a “no-fail” system starting with the popular book, the truth about building muscle.

Containing over 260 pages of straight forward information on “sculpting your perfect body”, it covers a vast array of topics from muscle building, weight training, strength training, diet, fitness, recovery and supplementation.

They reveal information on workout volumes, optimum length of workouts, compound movement. Also, details on the benefits or drawbacks of using free weights and exercise machines.

If you want to build bigger muscles you’re going to have to invest some time in your workouts, there is no magic way of building your bigger, ripped muscle look without putting the time in. In muscle gain truth they will show you how to cut this amount of time down to the minimum that will help you achieve the level of results you are aiming for.

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sean nalewanyjBy understanding, and using modern exercise and nutrition techniques, you can cut your workouts down to less than 3 hours per week. If people don’t get proper advice on their workouts it is possible to over exercise which can lead to poor results and even injury.

So, as mentioned earlier the first part of the muscle gain truth system is the “truth about building muscle” book, which will be more than enough to get started with.


To add to your chances of achieving your desired results, they have included even more to this package as follows:

• 26 week step by step workout plan

• Perfect technique video database – online video of Sean showing correct exercise techniques.

• 9 customised mass building meal plans

• Six part online video training module – showing how to train various muscle groups.

• 3 months use of muscle gain truth tracking software – helping to track virtually any area of your fitness program.

• “Personal trainer” database for quick answers to questions.

Last time we checked there were six more bonus modules that had been added:

• In trenches intensive workout video
• Bod pod 8 part MP3 course
• One month access to muscle and fat loss inner circle
• No fail workout plan – to help with busy routine or injury.
• Sean’s “on the hot seat” interview.
• Lifetime of free product updates.

There is also an 8 week guarantee, but you’ll need to check the muscle gain truth website for details of current bonuses, but, as you can see, this is an extremely comprehensive workout package.

Muscle gain truth is aimed directly at people wanting to build bigger muscles, you should also get great benefits in fitness and health looking at all the information that’s included.

If you want to get bigger, better defined muscles, you’re definitely going to need a good workout program to follow, for best results.

So don’t waste any more time looking!

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