The Truth About Abs Workouts

Learn the truth about just how to get that super defined, ripped, six pack abs look. Discover the crucial workout elements you need to know to stand any realistic chance of getting a flatter stomach and even that ripped 6 pack!

Are you just considering improvements to your mid section, do you want a flatter stomach and to lose fat, or lots more, the stomach is one of the areas of the body that most of us would like to improve upon, so how can we go about it?

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First of all we need to understand the muscles involved in this area that we need to look at working. The main muscle is the rectus abdominis which, when well defined, is what gives you that six pack.

The truth about abs and how to get that defined look means that we also need to consider the other muscles in this area. There is the transversus abdominis which runs around the torso, a bit like a belt, and lastly on your sides there are the internal and external obliques.

When deciding on exercises to include in your abdominal workouts it’s important to ensure that all these muscles are worked adequately to give a good shape as well as developing that highly desired six pack.

Exercises should include crunches, also called sit ups. These should include normal, twist and reverse versions. The normal crunch is good for working the upper abs, whilst the reverse crunch is better for the lower abs. The twist crunch works on the oblique muscles on your sides. Most good workout routines will have detailed information on what exercises to include and how to do them correctly.

So it may seem that the truth about abs is not that complicated at this point, a few basic exercises and you’ll suddenly get a flat belly with super defined six pack abs?

Not quite and there is a bit more to it than that so read on…

The truth about abs is that there are really a number of other things that need to be taken into account as well as the correct exercises. First there is the variety of exercises and the correct techniques involved.

The way in which these exercises are performed has a big impact on the results you will achieve, poor exercise technique will lead to very poor results and you’ll probably give up.

The truth about getting great abs next consideration is diet and nutrition. How are you going to show off your newly defined six pack abs if you can’t see them? If you don’t reduce the layer of fat that covers these muscles enough they won’t show properly. This is often over looked while people concentrate on their abdominal workouts.

The final consideration is not so much to do with the truth about abs, but more to do with your ultimate aims.

If you only need to specifically target your abs area then perhaps a specific abs workout is all you need, but it is usual to have a comprehensive exercise or workout program that helps improve other areas of your body, and takes into consideration diet and nutrition needs.

The best way to achieve this and start getting a super defined or more muscular physique is probably to start one of the many good workout programs available. You can find out more about how to choose the right workout for your needs in our best workouts guide and then find some of the best abs workouts available in the review section.

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