Turbulence Training Review

System Reviewed: Turbulence Training

turbulence trainingTurbulence training is a workout program designed to help you build muscle, burn excess fat and get rid of stubborn belly fat. To achieve this turbulence training uses a system based around short burst exercises.

Turbulence training is by Craig Ballantyne, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, there are separate sections for both men and women.

The workout routines which include weight training, short burst exercise and only minimal cardio can be condensed into three 45 minute sessions per week. These are designed to be carried out in the home, and there are no fancy exercise machines or supplements required.


turbulence trainingThis makes turbulence training an ideal workout for people who can’t get to a gym or who have busy lives. You can fit the workout sessions into your daily routine at a time that suites you.

Turbulence training claims to be “the most used fat burning program in the world for men right now”.

Also having helped thousands of men lose a combined weight of over 30,000 pounds of fat during part of the belly off, online program.

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According to the turbulence training website, during a study in the United States, subjects did a total body strength training workout routine 3 times a week over a 12 week period. On average they lost 4 lbs of fat whilst gaining 4lbs of muscle. This was an amazing result because this was with strength training and did not include the short burst turbulence training.

turbulence trainingNow that the turbulence training routines include both strength and short burst exercise, the results can be even better.

Slow, boring cardio exercise is not the only way to lose fat these days. Workout routines that are based on interval training are highly effective, and can achieve great results in minimal time.

So turbulence training is a great all round workout for building strength, defined muscles, and losing excess fat.

What do you get in the turbulence training package?

The package includes over 120 pages of fat burning workouts covering up to 26 weeks, suitable from beginner to advanced level. You also get a 1 hour MP3 audio covering the turbulence training fat burning philosophy and workouts.

There are three workouts for beginners and access to five advanced fat burning workouts. A personalized course like this from Craig Ballantyne can cost more than $397 for private clients.

Details of what else was included in the package recently are:

• Turbulence training fat loss nutrition guidelines
• Turbulence training DB-BW fusion fat loss 8 week program
• Busy dads workout
• Turbulence training for muscle 8 week program
• Transformation secrets – how to maximise your 12 week fat loss program
• Turbulence training 30 days advanced fat loss program
• Turbulence training 4 week advanced fusion fat loss program.

So as you can see, turbulence training for fat loss which is available as an instant download, is a very comprehensive workout and fitness program. If followed correctly you should not only get rid of excess fat, you should develop better defined muscles and improved strength and fitness.

Although it’s a thoroughly up to date workout, turbulence training has been available for a while now and is a very popular and proven workout.

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