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If you’re one of the many people who don’t like to be a little too much on the leaner side and are looking to gain weight and bulk up a bit then you might be interested in this guy’s real world transformation from skinny guy to muscle man.

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Vince Delmonte (not Vince Del Monte) is the author of a muscle building system designed especially for hardgainers that claims to show “skinny guy secrets to insane muscle gain”

If your not sure what “hardgainers” means then it’s basically someone who finds it very difficult to gain muscle despite training quite hard.

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Vince Delmonte 2008Vince Delmonte has a background which would seem to put him in an ideal position to help provide a system that can really help people who want to gain muscle fast.

He admits to once being a typical weakling who wanted to get bigger and more muscular, but struggled to achieve any real success, this was until he discovered the “secrets” to what was really holding him back.

Vince’s claim to a transformation from 149 pound weakling to 190 pound of muscle in under 6 months shows what can be achieved by using the right techniques and nutrition.

He apparently went on to 210 pounds of rock solid muscle and under 10 percent body fat.

Vince Delmonte beforeVince Delmonte winnerVince Delmonte after

He seems to show proof that the right system can really work and bring some great results. In November 2005 he achieved 1st place at the Canadian fitness model championships in Windsor, Ontario.

He has since gone on to make a number of contributions to Mens Fitness Magazine and also part of the advisory team for Maximum Fitness Magazine.

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